LHP Nanotechnologies LLP. was founded in October 2017 as a result of a chance encounter with graphene enticing us to explore the possibilities with this miraculous material of the future. After 2 years of rigorous study and experimentation, we developed our proprietary eco-friendly process for mass-manufacturing of graphene. And with further understanding of the material, we were capable of tweaking its properties to the required specification for a wide array of applications.

Today, with a manufacturing unit of 10 tons per year in capacity and located at Ahmedabad, India, we are supplying custom-made graphene solutions to the leading researchers and industries of India while diversifying further into application development through in-house R&D and collaborating with experts in different fields like smart textiles, water and air purification, composite, construction and energy storage to name some.


We seek to be a one-stop graphene solution provider by growing our knowledge bank while exploring creative avenues to extend the reach of graphene into various industry sectors making them more efficient and sustainable.


Our endeavour is to craft tailored graphene-solutions to usher multitude of industries towards a more sustainable and innovative future by partnering with experts in diverse sectors while maintaining our core values of trust and authenticity towards our community.

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Neel Panchal
LHP Nanotechnologies LLP,
11, Gujarat Laghu Udhyog
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Near Shanidev Temple,
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Gujarat, India.

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